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Carolyn Founding director, Carolyn Hartz is an energetic business woman, mother and former Australian Mannequin of the Year who has struggled with blood sugar related problems for many years.

Having been a state netballer, A-grade tennis player and recently competed at the World Masters Tournament in Portland, USA where her basketball team won a bronze medal, Carolyn has always been interested in fitness and health.

Her personal quest has made this YOUR LUCKY DAY! Truly, Carolyn found her Sweetlife™ and wishes to share it with all of you.

How it Happened

In May 2000 on a trip to New York, I was introduced to a natural sugar free sweetener called Perfect Sweet® xylitol. Perfect Sweet® did not raise my blood sugar levels, actually tasted like sugar and had no bitter after taste. I was very excited that I had found a natural sugar free sweetener that I could use in tea and coffee and cooking. I could finally enjoy guilt free cakes and desserts that did not spike my blood sugar levels.

I knew there would be other people at home in Australia who, like me, would love xylitol. I was the first person to introduce xylitol to the Australian and New Zealand retail market and so became known as "the xylitol lady" My health problem lead me to the founding of SweetLife Australia Pty Ltd. The business has enabled me to share my passion and belief in the many health benefits of xylitol.

SweetLife Australia products enjoy a prestigious market position and the business is known for its integrity and high quality service and presentation providing the industry with benchmarks for others to follow.

We love our business and our passion and commitment is seen in everything we do. We have a commitment to excellence in every area of our business and we are always looking to improve. We will go the extra mile for our customers and assist them as best we can. We have a vision and strive to achieve it.

SweetLife Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Australian owned company and was the first to distribute Perfect Sweet® xylitol and Sweetlife® bake mix nationally in Australia and New Zealand.

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