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Here’s what some of our customers have to say about Sweetlife™ Products:

"Made this one. Awesome cake without the guilt......."

Facebook fan

"Its wonderful on a cheesecake, stirred into plain yoghurt, or in dallops licked from the jar."

Facebook fan

"Much like the regular lemon butter recipe I have been using for several months. I simply replaced regular sugar with my Sweetlife sugar and I give it to my diabetic friend as well as my 21yo son who can't tell the difference."

Facebook fan

" I don't eat sugar anymore. Haven't for a few years now!!"

Facebook fan

"This is the best thing that ever has been invented! It really does taste and feels like real sugar!"

Facebook fan

"I love Sweetlife!!! its the best thing ever! Can't wait to use it with my new Thermomix!!"

Facebook fan

"Thank-you for the sample you sent me. I made the jelly from your recipe and my daughter loved it. Thanks again."


"Xylitol is fantastic! I'm able to use this in my baking with great results. Better still my hubby who is diabetic has lost weight since using it. In all we're happy little vegemites."

Western Australia

"Thanks for providing non GMO/Aspartame Gum!"

Western Australia

"I love this product. It is such a help with weight loss."

South Australia

"I recently bought your product and Id like to say how impressed I am. On tasting it I realized beyond doubt, there is a god! Can you really make good chocolate cakes with it?"

New South Wales

"I use Perfect Sweet™ in our office as it is good for everyone NO more artificial sweeteners."

Western Australia

"So far great I get energy without messing up my blood sugar levels."


"Help! I've run out of your terrific sweetener and desperately need more as I am on a low carb diet which allows no sweets and advocates not using aspartame and artificial sweeteners. Your product has no bitter after taste and tastes like the real thing."


"I have found that the need for so many sweet things has decreased significantly hence saving money in that area allowing me to purchase
your products."

South Australia

Dear Sweet Life Team,

I commenced a low carbohydrate diet last Christmas to lose weight and was beginning to miss something sweet every now and then. After trying Perfect Sweet™ I haven't looked back. It tastes really really great and I use it in anything where I previously used sugar.

Recently I baked a hazelnut torte with Perfect Sweet™ for some friends not telling them what was in it. They loved it so much that they asked to take some leftover cake home.


New South Wales


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